WA Craft Beer encourages a certain boldness and willingness to innovate within the industry. Master Brewer, Ken Arrowsmith produces a full range of beers onsite in Beerland’s 12HL brew house. After 18-months of trials this award-winning Beerland core range of Pale Ale, Lager, Wheat Beer, Kolsch and IPA was established. In addition to the core range, Ken and the brewing team have produced over 40 different seasonal small batch styles, try our latest today!




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Beerland beers available at WBC have won numerous awards around Australia, including most recently Champion Australian Beer for our Beerland Wheat Beer at the Australian International Beer Awards.

Beerland Wheat Beer

Brilliantly Clear Australian Wheat Beer

ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 12
HOPS: Tettnanger

Our crystal clear wheat beer draws from the traditional European style with aromatic hints of banana and subtle spicy clove. The low bitterness complements its soft mouth feel making this blonde brew both refreshing and approachable.

Beerland Lager

Crisp & Refreshingly Bitter Beer

ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 24
HOPS: Wakatu, Saaz

The addition of noble hops to the kettle provides this lager with a crisp and refreshing bitterness. Imported German malts adds complexity and a subtle sweetness whilst staying true to the style of a classic lager - perfect for a hot Summer’s day. Or any other time!

Beerland Pale Ale

A bright Australian Pale Ale

ABV: 5.0%
IBU: 26
HOPS: Galaxy, Cascade

An aromatic blend of Galaxy and Cascade hops introduced at different stages of the brewing process, showcases aromas of tropical and citrus fruits balanced by a grassy hop bitterness. It has a light to medium body with a lingering finish that leaves you wanting more.

Beerland Kolsch

Crisp Malt Driven Golden Ale

ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 22
HOPS: Wakatu, Tettnanger

A style originating in the Cologne region of Germany, this is an ale brewed like a lager with cool fermentation and conditioning. There is a hint of spice and pear aromas derived from the yeast and crisp bitterness from the addition of noble hops. This is an easy
drinking golden beer.

Beerland IPA

Aromatic Hoppy American Style Ale

ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 40
HOPS: Centennial, Mosaic, Galaxy

This well balanced, slightly hazy golden IPA contains an abundance of Mosaic and Galaxy hops resulting in tropical, citrus and pine aromas and flavours. A solid bodied beer that takes over the palate with a firm bitter dry finish.

Beerland James Street Juice

News England Pale Ale

MALT: Pale, Golden Promise, Oats, Torrified Oats, Torrified Wheat
HOPS: Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic
YEAST: English Ale
O.G: 1.043
IBU: 17

Named after the locale of the Northbridge Brewing Co, our New England inspired pale ale returns. With all the hallmarks of a tropical fruit juice, pouring a thick golden haze with pineapple, passionfruit, orange and mango on the nose.

A silky mouthfeel from oats and torrified wheat lend to a surprisingly dry fi nish, with just enough bitterness to let you know its still beer.

Beerland Alchemy

Hard Seltzer

MALT: Dextrose, Pilsner, Flaked Rice
HOPS: Wakatu
YEAST: American Ale
O.G: 1.026
IBU: 5
EBC: 2

Seltzer, or what we might call Hard Lemonade here in Australia, has taken the US by storm, with craft breweries everywhere producing their own version of fermented and fruited, softy style beer.

At Beerland, we’ve decided to bring it to the bar with a little bit more theatre. Providing a very neutral low carb, base beer with just a pinch of hops, “we want you” to be the Alchemist. Synthesise with 3 delicious fruit flavours, made in house and served over ice with a fresh garnish, and enjoy your spritzy, session able science experiment, as a refreshing alternative to a sparkling wine or cocktail.

Beerland Smash Vienna


MALT: Vienna
HOPS: Saaz
YEAST: German Lager
O.G: 1.050
IBU: 26
EBC: 11

In the mid 1800’s those responsible for bringing the industrialisation of brewing to their home lands of Austria and Germany, set the modern standard for Vienna and Märzen Lagers respectively. Though the German Märzen was adopted as the official Oktoberfest style, both have always shared a history of bready malt complexity and noble hop spice.

As Fest Beers have since evolved into paler beers more closely related to their Austrian cousins, we are celebrating the parallels with a Single Malt and Single Hop focus. Showcasing the flavourful
simplicity of cold fermented European Lagers, this beer balances clean malt sweetness and sessionable booze with a crisp herbal hop finish. Prost!

Beerland Orange Bomb

Kviek IPA

MALT: Ale Malt, Munich Malt and Carapils
HOPS: Centennial, Galaxy and Amarillo
O.G: 1.053
IBU: 45
EBC: 11

Hailing from Norway, Kviek (Pronounced Kwick) yeasts, such as the Voss Kviek that’s has found its way into this beer, have been passed from generation to generation in a long history of brewing tradition. This oddball yeast ferments explosively fast and hot leaving behind pleasant earthy orange esters. Whirlpool additions of orange peel and galaxy hops build a powerful citrus backbone while a substantial dry hop of Amarillo brings this Orange Bomb to critical mass.


5 X 100ml serves of our core products served on a tasting paddle

946ML cans of our core range and limited edition

Whitfords Brewing Company Head Brewer

Hand Crafted by our Head Brewer
Ken Arrowsmith

Under the careful eye of our Head Brewer and Fellow of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, Ken Arrowsmith, Beerland brews its beers onsite in its 12HL brew-house. Beerland’s core range consists of good beer in a variety of styles such as Pale Ale, Lager, Wheat, Kolsch and IPA.

Ken has been responsible for some of the best beers in Australia. ‘Hopping’ between both Beerland’ brewpubs, Ken brews with great skill and finesse having a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chem). He is an active member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) and in 2004, Ken was awarded the prestigious IBD Fellowship.

A vet of the industry, Ken’s brewed for more than enough breweries throughout his lifetime including Tooheys, South Australian Brewing Company, commissioning and operating of The Old Lion Hotel in North Adelaide, Director of Operations at the Swan Brewing Co right where he started as an Assistant Chemist.

Ken and the brewing team produce a wide range of seasonal small-batch craft beers from dark lager, Get Schwarty – a malty dark beer brewed in the traditional style of a Schwarzbier – to a fruity twist on the classicly European style of Sasion in Taking the Pith, to the latest batch of tropical James Street Juice – a New England inspired pale ale has all the hallmarks of a tropical fruit juice, pouring a thick golden haze with pineapple, passionfruit, orange and mango on the nose.

Ken enjoys playing a bit of soccer, basketball, and even kite surfing – in addition to tasting beers of all styles and provenance.

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